ASK machines (15-22KW)

Polyfilm Industry Roller

ASK machines (15-22KW)
  • Sigma Profile Air End - New Premium quality air end featuring Sigma Profile Energy Saving Rotors. Flow Streamlined for maximum efficiency helping to achieve lowest specific power consumption.
  • V Belt with Auto Tensioning System - The automatic tensioning device ensures continually high transmission efficiency of the belt drive in KAESER rotary screw air compressors over their entire service
  • Silent Acoustic – Sound level is in range of 65dB to 6967dB. The machine enclosure is fire redundant.
  • Easy Maintenance – Maintenance is very simple and easy.
  • Controller – Controller – The SIGMA CONTROL 2 ensures efficient control and system monitoring.
  • Low Life Cycle Cost– The products are extremely energy efficient and thus life cycle cost is significantly low.
  • Machines with frequency drive are available
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