Kaeser Blowers

Kaeser Blowers

Kaeser Blowers
    The world-renowned compressor and blower manufacturer

  • Established by Carl Kaeser Sr as a machine workshop in 1919, KAESER started on the road to becoming one of the world’s leading compressed air systems providers when the first reciprocating compressor left the Coburg production line in 1948. The final breakthrough came in the early 1970s with the development of the rotary screw compressor featuring the energy saving SIGMA PROFILE
  • Gera plant
  • In 1991, KAESER acquired the “Geraer Kompressoren-werke”, a company with a proud heritage forged over more than 100 years of compressor and blower manufacture. Production of KAESER’s newly developed OMEGA rotary lobe blowers began at the plant in Thuringia in 1993 and today these highly efficient systems are exported, together with all necessary accessories and equipment, to every
    corner of the globe. Covering an area of over 60,000 m², the Gera facility currently employs approximately 300 people producing KAESER’s extensive range of rotary lobe blowers, rotary screw blowers, and compressed air refrigeration dryers. All companies in the international KAESER group are linked by the very latest information and network technology

  • CBS, DBS, and EBS drive the concept
    In CBS, DBS, and EBS series rotary screw blowers, power is transferred from the motor to the blower airend via grated gearing. This has proven to be the best solution for the prevailing speeds in this performance and size class when it comes to efficiency, reliability, and durability

  • FBS belt drive – refined to perfection
    The pivoting motor base with tensioning spring ensures precision belt tensioning, irrespective of motor weight, thereby providing optimum levels of transmission efficiency at all times. As a result of the company’s decades of experience in compressor design and engineering, this approach to power transmission has been refined to perfection.q

  • Rotary screw blowers – with the efficient SIGMA PROFILE
  • Developed at the company’s in-house Research and Development Centre, KAESER rotary screw blower airends with their world-renowned SIGMA PROFILE rotors are up to 35% more efficient than conventional compressor designs. They also benefit from a particularly broad control range and virtually constant specific package input power. In addition to efficiency, durability was also an essential development objective. The use of high-tech bearings and the fact that no ancillary equipment is required serves to minimize energy consumption whilst also enhancing reliability
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