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1) Piston Rods are of different size for different models are available ready stock.
2) Our Piston Rods are Heat treated to the specification so as to meet mechanical properties & tensile strength.
3) Our Piston Rods are ground to close finish, so as to increase the life of of Oil Scrapper Rings & packing rings.
4) Plasma coated Piston Rods can be arranged as per the requirement & Specification of customer’s requirements.
5) Having fine threads with close pitch on both end of Piston rod ( crosshead side / piston side)to ensure better looking & Top / Bottom clearance.
6) Oil Scrapper Rings are available in different MOC, i.e. Individual graded cast iron,Bronze, glass filled PTFE, with perfect roundness, inner grooved & drilled to wipe oil from piston rod & with S.S. garter spring with proper tension.
7) Ring & Spring Packing sets MOC can vary depending upon applications. The Packing Rings sets are available in metallic segment, carbon filled PTFE, Bronze filled PTFE, glass filled PTFE; with CI backup rings. They are readily available suitable for different diameter of piston rods. It is also available in 3 piece, 6 piece, Segmental, Radial cut, Tangential  cut segment with garter spring with proper tension so as it seal the pressure of Air/Gas & long lasts. Ring & spring packing set for High pressure unit with metallic back up rings are  also available ready stock for immediate shipments.

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